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There are countless barriers and obstacles – natural and artificial – that hinder the ability of physicians to deliver the level and quality of care their patients deserve. Rules, regulations, processes, procedural requirements, guidelines, EMR systems, business rules, standards of care, while all intended to help, but in many ways, add to the level of complexity physicians face. Not only are the physicians of today working harder, seeing more patients, but due to these barriers and workflows, they are moving slower and making more medical errors than they were more than just a decade ago.


Without a solution, our healthcare system will continue to drive costs in an unsustainable manner and over-stretch the federal budgets annually. ANHK Health Tech, Inc. has the solution.


We are leveraging the power of AI to extend the human potential of physicians. We are building Patient Care Elevated by AI. This, combined with a proprietary machine learning model, we have developed a platform to accelerate the doctor’s care, aid them with greater levels of knowledge, improve patient care and reduce needless medical errors.

We are physicians who code, so that gives us a unique perspective in building our platform. As practicing physicians, each day we see the limits and failings of existing EMR systems.


We have seen that they impose artificial patient capacity limits on physicians and represent a contributing source of physician burnout. As a result, healthcare has outgrown its current technology and patient care suffers.


Our mission is to create a paradigm shift in patient care with machine learning technologies. And with that, to empower physicians and healers a continuous flow of knowledge, permitting them to leverage the latest innovations in AI technology and to develop an intelligent patient outcome feedback loop.


Our AI model has been specifically designed to accelerate the advancement of clinical therapies and expand the reach and impact of these advancements. This will permit medicine to bring to reality the dream of equity of patient care by accruing and openly sharing physicians’ cumulative discoveries, knowledge, and experiences for every single patient encounter.


To accomplish this, we have built the foundation of our company on passion, care, and most importantly, re-imaging what is possible through creative Artificial Intelligence innovations applied to medical care.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we witnessed a tsunami-level stress force on our health care system not seen in a lifetime. In some regions, we saw a system that was already overburdened, and resource-constrained pushed to a catastrophic point of failure on numerous levels. This demonstrated that simply adding more features on top of aging legacy technology systems will not unburden the healthcare system.


Although the pandemic pushed our medical care systems to the breaking point, it also revealed opportunities for technological advancements in healthcare. It laid bare the gaps and failure points in our patient care models. It highlighted the level of healthcare disparity that exists across our country and around the world.


Seeing this, we recognized a significant opportunity and built ANHK Health Tech’s solution to address these challenges head-on. We are doing this with a patient-first approach. We wanted to create something designed by Physicians, for Physicians.


Now, as we move out of COVID19, we are all presented with an opportunity to reimagine our healthcare system. This provides an opening to build a system that can address the present and is prepared for the future. To accomplish this, we are building faster, more connected, and smarter systems to make healthcare stronger, more resilient, last longer, and thrive into the future.


Our platform empowers physicians to be ahead of the curve in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. We are harnessing the power of AI in conjunction with the latest machine learning technology, and the adoption of federated machine learning techniques to eliminate unnecessary suffering and needless patient deaths.

Through ANHK Health Tech, Inc.’s approach to medicine and patient care, physicians will have more than a “cookbook” of standard order sets. They will have experience-based models that will continuously learn and grow to guide best practices with the best outcomes. And as these models evolve, they will be increasingly customized to individual patients.

Our product makes knowledge more accessible through modules that are scalable for every doctor, every office, every hospital, and clinic treating patients. That gives physicians the ability to proactively reach and support high-risk patients before they deteriorate, in a global manner.


This will be made possible by Artificial Intelligence’s ability to quickly consume massive amounts of data, and physician experiences, then find optimal patient outcomes and assist physicians. But unlike a human assistant, this one has been ‘taught’ to read and interpret the documentation of physicians’ as well as labs and imaging.


It has ‘studied’ millions of historical patient records from over a ten-year span, tracking 200,000+ patients. This gives it the capability to make sound suggestions and highly accurate recommendations to the attending physician, in real-time.


Offered as a subscription-based, multi-tenant, SaaS system that is flexible and affordable enough to be made available as single-tenant cloud-based enterprise solutions, it offers:

HIPAA and FHIR compliant datastore

API integration with other EHR systems and IoT medical devices

Extended web apps for patients

Smart Notes for Physicians

An Autonomous Patient Charting System and Smart Notes for Physicians

Intelligent recommendation engine that tracks and self-learns diagnosis and treatment and then offers recommendations

And, full integration capability with existing EMR software platforms

We have designed our initial go-to-market strategy as a 3-Phase approach. The initial phase arises as a result of a windfall opportunity with the American Heart Association. After being introduced to our product, they asked us to participate in a longitudinal study as their technology partner.


The announcement of that study and launch of our product occurred at the AHA fall Scientific Sessions Conference – AHA21 – in Boston, MA, November 2021. We were included in the conference program as a showcased, innovative technology. As part of our participation in AHA21, two of our founders were included in an expert panel discussion, followed by a full product demonstration of our technology.

One Final Word

Software, AI, Neural Networks, and Tensor Flow technologies will dramatically make the practice of medicine unrecognizable in the next five years. Diagnostics and treatments will evolve beyond the confines of the clinic and hospitals.


More sophisticated use of AI and Neural Networks will expand the ways we assess our patients, gleaning more understanding while being less invasive, and become incorporated into every specialty of medicine. This will allow the medicine to scale the physician’s knowledge and expertise, improve their skills and expand their practices.


Hospitals and health systems will need to compete for this space, and Nobel Health is developing a thinner and lighter software layer for them to accomplish this. Essentially, we are developing the performance level of a formula one racing car into the hands of physicians. This will bring enormous value and productivity and far superior patient care during this revolution.


This is the beginning of a new paradigm of patient care. Join us in our journey forward.


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