Limitless Medicine

Our Goal is Limitless Medicine. Our Mission is to make this possible with AI and innovative Machine Learning technologies.


What is Limitless Medicine?

Limitless Medicine is our vision of the future of medicine. It is the seamless collaboration between physician, patient, and smart technology. Limitless Medicine is a smart technology that has been trained in the historical clinical experience of some of the top clinicians in the world.

It is a technology that can ‘see’, evaluate and use millions of patient care record data points, ‘read’ physicians notes, then measure all of that against the real-world outcomes from those patient records, instantaneously.

The AI can take that data, identify statistically meaningful patterns across millions of data points – in diagnoses, in treatments, in outcomes – that would be otherwise indiscernible by human minds and unseen with current technology tools.

Then it can bring forward suggestions and recommendations to the collaborating physician. All done within seconds, right in the exam room, or at the patients’ bedside. While, at the same time, continuously learning, getting smarter and improving its recommendations, and honing its diagnostic skills.

Imagine if every patient, without regard to race, gender, financial or social status, could have access to the absolute best care that medicine can offer. In America, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, and even the remote villages of Somalia, anywhere, all with access to the best medical care possible.

That is Limitless Medicine. That is what we are building. It is the passion we have. This is a new paradigm of patient care. And it represents a new dawn of equity in medical care across the nation and around the world.

For the science of medicine, this remains a dream. But today, it is no longer a distant dream. It is a dream that is for the first time, within reach.


This is Care Elevated by Artificial Intelligence

But a dream of this magnitude cannot be accomplished with our existing systems and technology. It is something so elegant and grand that it can only be accomplished by tapping into the potential of Artificial Intelligence.

What we have developed represents an entirely new, disruptive ecosystem of the patient, physician, healthcare services, and smart technology. An ecosystem that places the patient at the center of all interactions, in that partnership and facilitates transparent collaboration between patient, physician, and smart technology to improve patient outcomes.

Through years of trying, mastering Artificial Intelligence for medical care has been elusive. Even though we know that AI has the capacity to evolve medicine at a pace beyond human capabilities.

AI applied to patient care will be revolutionary. Empowered by its ability to access data at zettabyte scales and its inherent ability for self-learning, it will fuel treatment improvements at unimaginable speeds. And in combination with a neural network, AI has the potential to save an estimated 12 million patients from diagnostic errors made each year in the United States alone.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to take the capabilities of the physician far beyond what is humanly possible. Assisting the physician, AI can do the work of reviewing clinical data. It can load orders and prepare for the next steps in medical management. It can advise, assist, suggest, recommend and help elevate patient care.

AI is something that will effectively transform the practice of medicine. All patients will benefit from the experience and expertise of – literally – thousands of physicians. This shifts the current practice of treating patients with the one-physician-one-patient model and de-silos the single practitioner experience.


Our Next Step

Our next step was to teach our AI platform how to learn to solve one disease so that it can solve all diseases. This has taken place by directing our AI to learn from the collective wisdom, experience, and outcomes from the treatment of patients or thousands of physicians. The case-of-proof for this will be one of the more vexing challenges in cardiology, Atrial Fibrillation.

Today, AFib stands as one of the most common arrhythmias of mankind. And yet it is the most underdiagnosed. Often the first presentation is stroke, leaving behind a lifetime of debilitating neurological deficit that is completely preventable with medications.

Absent any one single determinable cause, and yet presents countless symptoms, it can go unnoticed for years. And even now, its presence is undetectable to machines when a patient is in normal rhythm.

Once this is solved, our AI will be trained to learn how to solve all diseases.


Continuous Learning, Constant Improvement

This constitutes an AI platform that continuously learns. It is continuously gaining knowledge, understanding, and honing its diagnostic skills from an ever-expanding number of physicians, patient encounters, and care outcomes. It learns from every data point of a patient encounter, even all the little events gaining small nuggets of knowledge that occur, incrementally, over time.

Whether at the patients’ bedside, in the exam room, or even the patients’ home. It learns it all, gleans trends and patterns that are missed in our current patient care model and our current technologies.

Then it begins to build the means to anticipate patient outcomes, even before diagnosis. Ultimately, it will create treatment models that permit physicians to intervene even earlier in the progress of the disease. Needless patient suffering is prevented, countless lives are saved, medicine advances at an ever-increasing pace.

This is no longer in the future, it is now. That is the Limitless Medicine we at ANHK Health Tech, Inc. are building.